1. Casa El Carretero - Colonial Boutique Hotel
Casa El Carretero is the best boutique hotel in town. It is small, service is personable and every single aspect of the property is full of joy. Guests can enjoy views of El Getsemaní­ while zipping a glass of wine from the hotel's rooftop pool.

The property includes amenities like free broadband Internet access, complimentary breakfast, and personal chef that can prepare all the local foods, Bose Stereo systems in the rooms, great music library, flat screen tvs, complimentary guest arrival cocktail and much more.

2. La Vitrola Restaurant
La Vitrola Restaurant is probably the best restaurant in town. It is definitely not cheap, but the food is perfect and the Live Cuban music in the evenings makes it the place to be before hitting the city for a drink. Ask your hotel staff to make you a reservation for the restaurant when you arrive.

3. Fusion Restaurant
This is a relatively new place in town but has some of the best pan-Asian food in the territory. It is very difficult to get into this place because it is very popular, but a reservation ahead of time can guarantee you a nice spot in this small enclave of the old city.

4. Rosario Islands
The archipelago of The Rosario Islands is one of the most beautiful natural reserves the region has. The islands are located about 60 minutes from the city by boat. We took a speed boat to get there. There are cheaper alternatives to get there by using slower boats, but I would recommend spending the money to rent a private speed boat and enjoy the islands with your friends without the hustles of other people with you. If you decide to sleep there, I recommend making a reservation at the San Pedro de Majagua Hotel.

5. Colombian National Beauty Paget
This event takes place in November in conjunction with the celebrations of independence of Cartagena. The winner of the paget gets to represent Colombia in the Miss Universe contest. It is a great time of the year to see celebrations of independence. There is a great spectacle of culture all over.

6. Las Bovedas
Great place to go shopping for souvenirs. Located in the old city, Las Bovedas is a collection of warehouses that have been converted into boutique shops. These warehouses were originally used as storage facilities for weapons during the Spanish colonization period and they later were used as jail cells.

7. City Cathedrals
During the colonization periods the Spanish built numerous cathedrals around the city among the most popular you find Santo Domingo, Santa Tersea, Iglesia de La Trinidad and Santo Toribio. People from all over the world come to get married in these beautiful holy places. They are great places to come and simply admire the architecture or simply rejuvenate your faith.

8. Heredia Theater
If you are a fan of the performing arts, the Herdia Theater or Teatro Heredia is a must see place. Located in the Plaza of La Merced in the old city, the place was refurbished a few years ago and now is the epicenter for theater, ballet and folkloric dance performances. During the new years time, many events are done in this theater.

9. La Carbonera Lounge
Best night club/lounge in town. If you want to go see beautiful people and have a chance to hear the best beats of the moment, La Carbonera is the place to see and be seen. Located three blocks away from Casa El Carretero hotel in the old city, La Carbonera is definitely the spot to end the evening of fun in Cartagena.

As a note of caution, dress to impress because the place is very difficult to get in.

10. Club de Pesca
The restaurant Club de Pesca is located on the fort San Sebastián del Pastelillo. Which was built in 1743 for defense of the city. It counts with a marine terrace upon the bay in the open air, to which you may arrive by water on any type vessel to enjoy the nights of Cartagena with a view of the old city.

11.-Restaurant San Pedro
Plaza San Pedro in the historical Center, very nice dining place by night, sitting open air, watching the beautiful San Pedro Church, food has an Asian touch, very good service, very good food - prices 7-15 USD per dish.

12.-Capilla del Mar Hotel- Restaurant
Located in Bocagrande, the restaurant has one of the the best sea food buffet on Fridays

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